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All members of the Guild are professional woodworkers who have successfully graduated from the Chippendale school.

Simply click on your country in below, and then onto each member’s website.

Alternatively, click onto the projects gallery to view a selection of members’ work – all of which are available direct from the featured furniture designer.

The Chippendale International School of Furniture is recognised as one of the world’s leading furniture design schools.

Commissioning a member of the Fine Furniture Guild is therefore a guarantee that your chosen craftsperson has successfully completed a professional and internationally-recognised furniture design and making course.

All Guild members are not only skilled in all aspects of cabinetmaking, they have been trained to work with customers to realise their design vision – turning your ideas and concepts into a beautiful reality.

The Fine Furniture Guild therefore offers you the peace of mind of knowing that you are commissioning the very best craftspeople.

Note: The Association simply provides a quality-driven portal through which potential customers can find specific products or woodworkers. The Association accepts no liability for the accuracy of information posted on its website, and accepts no contractual or financial liability in respect of any issue between a member and their customer.



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